Thursday, 20 October 2011

New Sight Rail 2

Finally got my new sight rail printed for my Milestag gun. It is made up of several parts which are glued together. I need to improve the way the parts are aligned, but aesthetically it looks pretty good:

Here it is attached to a gun:

Monday, 17 October 2011

New Sight

I've realised that some Milestag users prefer to mount an IR sensor on the gun itself (TonyC!). The problem with my existing design is that if the sensor is mounted forward of the sight, it is visible when looking through the sight.

To fix this, I've designed an M16 style sight raiser.This has been designed so that it can be fitted with either a picatinny rail or normal 'iron (ABS!) sights'. Looks pretty good on the CAD. Printing now...

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

In Focus

I've finally run out of the plano-convex lenses I bought last year from Surplus Shed. These were great as they had a 50mm or so focal length which resulted in a short IR focus tube. I've ordered some more lenses but these have a FL of 100mm, therefore I needed to re-design the focus tube of my tag guns.

I changed the tube design to be in two parts. One holding the LED mount, endcaps and focus screw. A second tube is designed to slide over the first, but also it can be lengthened/shortened or given a larger diameter to suit the lens being used.

I forced the two parts together in my carpenters vice.

The ridges produced by the RepRap process interlock providing a fantastic strong joint. No glue is needed, I'm not going to get these two apart in a hurry.

Here is a complete IR tube kit. These are now available at Tagbits: