Sunday, 20 June 2010

More solenoid valve tests

I manufactured a custom nozzle to fit directly onto my 1/4" solenoid valve and decided to photo document the nozzle manufacture procedure.

I started with some 20mm Delrin bar

I then turned this down at one end to allow me to tap it to 1/4" BSP at 19 turns per inch with is a standard pneumatic fitting in the UK.

I then applied a thread to it with a die that my Grandfather left me.
I held the die by hand with the work piece in the lathe chuck. I turned the chuck with the chuck key.

Ironically, I was applying a British Standard Pipe thread with a die that was made in the USA.

I then put a chamfer on the thread to ease starting the thread

The next stage was to drill a 2.5mm hole through the nozzle

And added a taper to reduce the internal diameter from 1/4" to 2.5mm

I then added an external taper using the lathe cross slide at an angle

Here is the finished nozzle

Here is a video of the solenoid valve in use

The trigger is very responsive but as I experienced last time, the range is greatly reduced. I got about 28 geet out of this test. The problem is that the solenoid valve has a restricted inlet port and this is where the problem lies.

I've decided to give up on solenoid valves. They are OK with air but water is too viscous. Ball valves are the way to go, but automating them could be a pain.

However, I do have some experience with pneumatics, and I have a tank full of compressed air on my back.......Watch this space.

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plumbing said...

Since, the solenoid valve has small hole through the nozzle of 2.5mm, it create more pressure. And adding the taper to reduce the internal diameter is a big help.