Friday, 22 April 2011

DIY Milestag UMT boards

Some time ago I decided to design my own version uf the Milestag UMT board but using components easily sourced in the UK.

I used KiKad to re-engineer the UMT schematic:

And designed a PCB using surface mount components. The PIC micro is through hole so it can be taken out for re-programming. I could have put a programming header on the board but I decided not to as it would have made the board bigger:

I've sent the gerber files to Itead Studio for manufacturing. They charge only $28 + $5 delivery for 10 boards which must be the cheapest service on the planet.

I have no idea what quality they will be, but for a $32 punt it's got to be worth a try.

A pre-built version of this board is now available at Tagbits


Anonymous said...

Itead are relly good, i wonder how quick you'll get them, we had to wait a while and ours were only going to Italy.

Ruben said...

Great Job!

Also I have kids and I love all the toys you make.

I would like to make my own pcb. Could you publish the Gerber or .pcb files?

Thank you very much,

gah said...

Yes...but.The design needs changes before it can be released. There is noise on from the select line whilst recording, and the connector holes are too small. I will release when these have been fixed.

Ruben said...

Thank you very much,

Ruben said...


The placement of electronic components is exactly like the board published in

Is it possible to placing the tracks influence the sound recording?

gah said...

Placement is not excatly the same. There are some differences but it is the routing of the tracks that is causing problems. I have had 10 boards made, these can still be used by placing a capacitor on the board whilst recording.

I just need to re-route the track when I do the next revision of the PCB, but I will use the 10 I already have first.

austin said...

I too would like the pcb or gerber file to make my own. Have you uploaded it anywhere?