Friday, 3 June 2011

Lasertag Gun Mk2

I've started designing a new lasertag gun using CoCreate. The last one worked well, but could have been improved on several points:

1. I designed the last gun for 4 batteries, not 6. DOH!
2. The gun was far longer than it needed to be as the focal length of the lens was only 55mm.
3. The lens did not fit very well into the ReRap'ed housing due to the layering.
4. It was too tight a squeeze for all the internal components.
5. I put cable holes as semicircles in each half of the casing. This resulted in cables becoming trapped during assembly.
6. No sight mounting holes.
7. The grip was too wide.

So I've re-designed it using a shorter barrel section and added some curves. Still work in progress but it is looking good so far:

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