Friday, 26 August 2011

ABSsolutely fabulous

Now that I have my PLA extruder up and running, the acid test for me was the ability to switch between PLA and ABS easily. I swapped the extruders around in about 10 minutes. Most of this time was waiting for the heaters to get hot enough to allow me to remove/insert the filament.

With the ABS extruder in place, the first print I did came out perfectly without any need to re-calibrate. It's a picatinny rail sight mount for my Milestag lasertag gun.

Here it is sprayed up and with a sight mounted on my MK3, RepRap printed gun:

My wife is an avid photographer so I printed her one of kitlaan's lens cap holders.

It was printed with white ABS but I sprayed it black with the same paint I use for my guns. It came out very well.

The quick change extruder mount that I got from wolfgang has allowed me to change extruders without undoing a single bolt, and, more importantly, maintain calibration between changes.

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