Thursday, 5 July 2012

Child's Play

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My 9 year old son Josh was asked to create a board game which incorporated maths as part of a school project. He devised a game where players used pre-allocated cash reserves to buy weapons, which could the be used against 'the bad guys'. Of course, he suggested that the pieces might come from my 3D printer...... First I insisted that he drew the pieces that he wanted:

Here are the coin emblems:

After scanning, adding values with CoCreate's font function and vectorising(?) with AlgoLab we got this:

And after printing:

We did the same for the weapons:


3D Print:

And the player pieces:

The CAD and a baseplate, with the initials for the game name 'Castle Quest'

After printing and gluing and painting:

And the game in all its glory, you may recognise the castles......

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