Thursday, 2 January 2014

Post Xmas Toy

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I've been using my reprap printers to make Milestag Lasertag gun bodies for some time now. But I believe I can make even better gun bodies when removing material, rather than adding it.

So I've designed a CNC router,it's a moving bed design.:

It is designed around some 45mm extruded aluminium that was being thrown out at work. I'm using 20mm (SBR20) linear bearings throughout so it should be pretty tough.

I received the all the linear bits today from Chai at LinearmotionBearings. As my design is a custom build, he made me up an order to my requirements which arrived today, about 14 days after the order, and well packaged:

Everything was there. The ball screws are beautifully machined, but may need a going over with emery cloth when fitting the brackets.

I'd deliberately delayed committing myself to buying any additional parts until these turned up. And I was right to do so. Of the 3 custom linear rail lengths I had requested, two were +5mm in length. This means that I now need to buy custom 45mm aluminium extrusions, rather than the ones I had.

This isn't a major problem, but it has added about 30UKP to the cost of the machine.

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