Sunday, 27 July 2014

Google Cardboard...impressions

The first time I heard about Google Cardboard was when the lens supplier I use for my LaserTag kits informed me they were out of stock due to demand.

With my interest aroused, I sent off for a kit from ebay: This turned up with some velcro fasteners, pre cut lens holes, glass lenses and instructions:

After half an hour with a scalpel and some super glue I ended up with this:

I found that the kit supplied triggered the power switch, and the volume switch when closed. I cut some holes to prevent this:

What's it like?.....amazing. Occulus Rift it is not...but for $30 it gives you an insight into the world of VR. I suggest you buy the cheapest copy of it that you can and try it. May I recommend: as a starter.

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