Tuesday, 30 December 2014

More 3D printed proton pack

I've been continuing with my build of a 100% 3D printed (actually about 97%, see next post) Ghostbuster's Proton Pack. The 'synch generator' has many thin rectangular details around its radius.

These can be seen in Steffan Otto's plans:

My plans is to glue these into place, but I need to adhere this lot:

Onto this:

In this style:

There are two problems here:
  1. The parts are thin and liable to fall over whilst the glue sets.
  2. The parts are angularly spaced at 16.36degrees.

I printed onto A2 paper the CAD drawing I had for the synch generator:

Then I aligned the synch generator onto the print:

I then hot glued the details into place, using the print as a reference.All in all...a successful job:

All design files are published here.

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