Sunday, 27 July 2014

Google Cardboard...impressions

The first time I heard about Google Cardboard was when the lens supplier I use for my LaserTag kits informed me they were out of stock due to demand.

With my interest aroused, I sent off for a kit from ebay: This turned up with some velcro fasteners, pre cut lens holes, glass lenses and instructions:

After half an hour with a scalpel and some super glue I ended up with this:

I found that the kit supplied triggered the power switch, and the volume switch when closed. I cut some holes to prevent this:

What's it like?.....amazing. Occulus Rift it is not...but for $30 it gives you an insight into the world of VR. I suggest you buy the cheapest copy of it that you can and try it. May I recommend: as a starter.

Manchester Mini Maker Faire

I visited the MOSI mini maker faire this weekend and took a few pictures. It's a really small event compared to others in the world. However, 'owt is better than nowt and it's great to see local makers turning out to support this event in its third year.Having 3 under 12s with me meant I had little chance to take all the pictures I wanted to. I got some though...

There was a soldering workshop in the main foyer. The task was to build a simple circuit which comprised of a battery, switch and a couple of colur cycling LEDs. My posse had a try..and did quite well considering it was their first time at soldering. Credits to the guys on the stand who had the patience of saints.....

An artist called "Dutch Cyclist" had mad life size Lego heads that the kids found enticing.....

The majority of the Makers were house in the 1830 Warehouse. This was the first railway warehouse in the world, and seems an appropriate place to encourage innovation:

Leeds Hackerspace had a cool water feature which incorporated a LED strobe. This slowed down the water stream to give a really cool display that my youngest found irresistible.

Leeds were also showing a large RGB LED cube that looked great:

York Hackerspace had a great space themed game that required players to co-operate with eath other to win:

Hacman, my local Hackerspace had a stand showing what the members have been up to:

Sunday, 20 July 2014


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I believe the technical term is 'a failed print'