Sunday, 1 February 2015

Proton pack thrower mount

tommyb345 suggested that I check out a pre-made mount to attach my proton pack thrower to the proton pack.

Trouble is these seem to start at $75 for decent ones, and the guy selling them on ebay doesn't export. So I decided to make my own.

The proton pack thrower mounts to a sloped fitting on the proton pack, this I made out of several layers of 3mm aluminium sheet:

A special fitting is required to mount the thrower to this. I designed one and bent it on the sheet metal bending machine we have at work:

This needs to be fitted to the proton pack thrower. The problem I had was that a screw solution would result in a raised profile on the inside of the mount. This would clash with the proton pack fitting, so I decided to weld the mount to a steel plate fitted to the base of the thrower.

I dragged out my trusty Clarke MIG welder with matching BOC Argoshield gas.

And my solar powered welding mask. This is great, you can see through the protective glass, but when the welding arc starts, the glass instantly darkens. Which means can can get set up for a weld without looking through very, very dark sunglasses.

I'm not a trained welder, but I managed to fasten the two pieces of metal together:

And after going over with the angle grinder, it wasn't too bad:

All the files can be downloaded from Thingiverse.

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