Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Pyro Box

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Some weeks ago I completed the 'Pyro Box' for Steve at Operation Lasertag.

It's more like a 'defend the hill' than the normal DomTube 'king of the hill' style game.
The box is assigned to one team, whilst the opposing team needs to attack the box. A digital display shows the box 'health' and a clear, 3D printed light bar is used to indicate hits.

Each opposing team hit reduces the box health by the shot power, and when it reaches zero an explosion sound is played. In addition, there is a wired output to drive a squib so a pyro can be activated. This is connected via the push terminals at the front. Internally, a radio transmitter sends a signal to a remote receiver that can also drive a pyro, allowing a safe distance between players and effects where required.

In addition, the box can be configured so that the defending team can 'repair' the box by shooting it, which adds their shot power (or half their shot power as a switched option) back to the box health.

The control panel is formed from laser cut 6mm acrylic and is mounted in an IP65 box with a carry handle.

Don't have a video of the complete unit, but here is a proof of concept run on the bench:

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