Thursday, 20 May 2010

Range Testing

On Wednesday evening and with help from my son I did some range testing. As described in the previous post there were a few tweaks I could do.

First I de-burred the inner nozzle diameter and tested this with the system pressurised to 100psi.

Here is a not very scientific test shot.

I then applied an external taper to the nozzle:

As mentioned in the previous post, the idea is to minimise air turbulence as the water leaves the nozzle.

I fully charged the system with water (I still need to find it's capacity in litres) and pressurised to 100psi.

Here is a video showing range and duration.

I still believe I can improve on this. The current nozzle tapers internally to 3mm then has a run of 15mm to the outside world. I plan to machine a second nozzle that exits at the taper end.

I also plan to upgrade the tube from the pressure vessel from 1/4" to 3/8" pipe...however, when I got home from work tonight I was surrounded by my son and friends who were armed to the teeth with water guns. Never mind the nozzle. This means war.

I've diverted my efforts to make a harness to allow it to be worn 'Ghostbusters' style. Watch this space.

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Joey said...

The main reason your stream is breaking up is probably its size. Smaller streams are more likely to break up, so increasing the final nozzle exit diameter should decrease breaking up. Just make sure the parts leading up to the nozzle (valve and hose) are larger in diameter, so that they can maintain the flow.