Tuesday, 14 December 2010

nophead delivers!

nophead has been busy working on my Milestag prototype this last few days and the results are impressive. All the large parts have now been printed, all that remains are a few ancilliary components such as the trigger, LED mount etc. See my previous blog entry for the CAD pictures that produced these parts.

Here are some pictures:

The main gun sections:

One side of the barrel section fitted with 20mm conduit barrel:

The 'breech' section with LCD, speaker and reload switch:

The outside of the breech showing speaker holes, LCD and reload switch:

Handgrip sections with microswitch in position:

Barrel section with lens. Also shows focusing rail:

And finally, assembled breech and handgrip:


nophead said...

Your photos look weird until I click on them. Looks like compression artefacts but probably due to re-sampling.

gah said...

I tweak the HTML to display the image at 640x480. The resultant stretch does make the pictures a bit grainy.