Monday, 27 December 2010

Painting and decorating

Over the Christams holiday I've attempted to fit all the housing hardware and paint the case.

To paint I first cleaned each part with solvent, then sprayed with a silk finish, solvent based paint. This seemed to bond very well, as you would expect.

I then attempted to fit the 3.5mm jack socket I plan to use for the RS232 interface. But the hole I had recessed in the CAD design was not wide enough to accept outer diameter of the socket, and the depth of this recess was insufficient to allow the threaded end to protrude enough for the mounting nut.

This was a problem as this hole is inside the housing and there is no clearance for a drill. I could not drill into the housing from the outside as I neede to maintain a 6mm hole to mount the socket.

I eventually widened the hole by heating a short M10 bolt and by holding this in mole grips, I melted the hole to be the correct diameter and depth.

Here is the casing with the jack socket fitted:

I laid out all the parts with hardware fitted. Here is a detail of the LED focus mount.

And its place in the barrel section

Here is the barrel, IR LED, muzzle LED wiring, mode switch, power switch and trigger from the inside

And from the outside

The LCD display, speaker, battery, battery cover and reload switch from the inside

and outside

Everything seems to fit. I've got all the electronic parts for the REVH board. All I need to do now is build the core module

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