Monday, 21 February 2011

The Last Parts

I completed the sensor connection PCB this weekend. I need to cover it with heatshrink to protect it but I need to test the full system before I can do that. Here it is connected to the gun complete with curly cable leading to the sensors:

Here is the complete assembly:

To test the system I need to construct another Milestag PCB. As mentioned before I bought 4 of these so I used my PCB jig to help me populate the boards:

This device holds multiple PCBs, allowing me to place components. When populated, a foam covered board is placed over the components and clamped in place. The jig then rotates to allow the components to be soldered whilst the foam prevents them from falling out:

Here are the completed boards:

I intend wire IR LEDs and trigger switches to the boards so I do a quick test. Before I can do anything with the remaining boards though I need some more gun housings, and for that I need my own RepRap......

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