Saturday, 24 December 2011

Axis of Evil:Fixed

Because it's Christmas Eve I was really sociable and retired to the workshop to create a new mounting bracket for my Wade extruder. Reprap is like a drug. You've got to print stuff, and when you can't you have to fix it. Anyhow, I found some 1.6mm steel sheet in my materials stash and made this:
To make it I printed a 1:1 2d plot of the piece, then glued this to the steel with 3M Spray Mount. I then use an optical centre punch to centre the holes, then opened them up with a 3mm spotting drill before drilling through with a 4MM HSS bit. The larger holes I drilled with a stepped drill bit. Here is it fitted to my RepRap bot:
Lesson: Identify critical parts on the RepRap and make sure you print spares!

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