Friday, 23 December 2011

Printing on Kapton Tape

Nophead lent me some Kapton tape and I tried an ABS print on it last night:
It is an 8 hour print of a large part, it came out really well:
Although the part was much more firmly attached to the kapton than I've seen with PET tape, it still managed to lift the tape slightly at the corners:
I'd really like to eliminate this lifting if I can. It has not spoiled the printed part because as a percentage of the overall part size it is negligible. I'm going to try again with a higher chamber temperature. The above was done with a chamber temp of 42-45C. The tape though is great. It is 150mm which is exactly the width of my heated bed, so applying it is easy when I used the technique described below.This helps to avoid the inevitable bubbles when dealing with large adhesive tapes:

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