Monday, 16 January 2012

Battery Cover

Whilst getting ready to try out my single sensor Milestag gun I decided that I needed to re-design the battery cover on the gun body. Previously this had been quite thin and had chamfered, circular tabs that were proving difficult to print as the filament often failed to adhere to the layer below as the radius increased with the chamfer:
I redesigned the cover to have rectangular tabs. These should be easier to print with a chamfer:
I then subtracted this shape from the gun body, and increased all the edges by 0.2mm in size to allow for a good fit.
As the gun body is quite large, it takes a long time to print so I cut out from my model the part I was interested in and printed that:
I then printed the new battery cover:
The new cover slots nicely into the body cut outs and does not need any finishing to make it fit:

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