Monday, 2 January 2012

Second Sight

I've been asked by several people whether it would be possible to mount a sensor on the gun bodies sold at Tagbits so I re-designed a sensor mount to fit onto the forestock section. When fitted with a 3 way milestag sensor this should allow for a low cost solution, but will allow body mounted sensors to be added later if required:
Here's a view looking down on the Milestag Gun
Here is the printed part fitted with an acrylic dome:
The underside has been modified to ensure the dome mounting screws and M3 nut are flush:
Here is the part on one of my Mk4 guns:
Looking at the height of the dome on the CAD model, I was concerned that the dome might obscure the optical red dot sight:
A rather poor camera shot down the sight confirms this. The bright dot is the 'red dot' of the sight:
I am going to have to re-engineer my picatinnny rail mount to be higher. A second sight.

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