Saturday, 25 February 2012

Dome Mount Redesign

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I've been unhappy with my design for mounting acrylic domes to my sensor bases:
I designed the domes to be held in place by three #2 self tapping screws that push against the inside of the dome. I've since found that putting acrylic in tension can cause it to crack. Resulting in the destruction of at least one dome as I tightened the mounting screws. To fix this I've redesigned the dome mount to have a ring that fastens around the outside of the dome, keeping it in compression rather than tension. However, to accomplish this I've had to redesign the dome bases to allow this ring to be fastened with screws:
Here is the full assembly:
And sprayed and mounted with PCB on a gun:
Clearly I need to change the position of the clamping ring screw holes for this design. I'm going to roll this design out to the other dome bases available at Tagbits over the next few days.

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