Sunday, 6 May 2012

DIY Milestag LDC display cable

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I've been asked to describe how to make a DIY version of the elusive 14way cable used to connect the Milestag Core board to a LCD display.

Make sure that you check that the lead connects the way you want it to before applying power to the circuit.

1) Buy a 14 way IDC connector (e.g.Mouser 71600-014LF)

2) Get some 0.1" spacing IDC cable. You can get this from Mouser etc. but I just recycle old computer disk cables:
Make sure that it is not the 'high density' type (shown below) as this kind will not work.

3) Cut the connector off the computer cable with some stout scissors. Try and keep the cut straight:

4) Making sure that you start at the cable that is coloured red (cable 1), count 14 wires and carefully make a small cut in-between wires with a scalpel:

5) Pull off the length of cable required by hand:

6) Feed the cable through the connector and make sure that the red cable is at the same end as pin 1 on the PCB (marked with a square):

7) Hold the connector lightly in a vice. Make sure that you do not tighten the jaws so that they start to close the connector. Feed the cable into the connector and make sure that it pokes out the other side by about 2mm or so. Ensure the cable is straight, and that the conductors are aligned with the 'spades' inside the connector:

8) Close the vice until the connector latches snap into place:

9) Cable is complete, repeat for the other end if required:

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nophead said...

Wow, that vice has seen some action!