Monday, 14 May 2012

Milestag rocket launcher...continued

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I've been doing further work on my Milestag rocket launcher. I've been doing further work on the control box.

Here is the CAD drawing of what I want:

I modelled the box on one I found on ebay, then printed out 1:1 scale drawings of the holes for each side. Using spray mount I fixed these to the box. This allows me to centre the holes precisely, especially when I use my optical centre punch:

I used a stepped drill for the cable holes:

I designed a custom LCD display mount with allows me some leeway when I cut a rectangular hole for it in the box. It has a flange to hide rough edges and a recess to allow a 2mm protective cover:

Here is a test assembly of the box:

On the other side you can see the curved mounting plates to allow me fix it to the launcher barrel:

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