Saturday, 4 August 2012

First Aid

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I've just completed my version of the Milestag 'Respawn Box'. I designed my own PCB with KiCad and had some manufactured. My design is the same circuit as Jim's, but uses a few surface mount components.

I got a box off ebay and fitted the switches and LEDs. I designed PCB and battery mounts using CoCreate and printed them in white ABS:

The PCB is held in place with two channels that rise from the battery holder. It is prevented from moving by a clamp attached to the top of the box. I realised that I could dispense with the clamp if I added a catch to the top of the risers. I will implement this in the next version.

I designed a 'health pack' style cross and printed in in red PLA from Faberdashery. This is simply glued in place on top of the box:

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nop head said...

"got a box off ebay"

Why didn't you print one?