Monday, 17 March 2014

Punch Drunk

I started work on my CNC router over the weekend. It's a moving bed design with an aluminium frame fitted to a 25mm base of MDF.
To get the holes for mounting the linear rails and extrusion I printed a huge 1500x600mm 1:1 print of the CAD drawing of the base onto vellum. This was then stuck to the MDF with spray mount.

I used my optical centre punch to get the holes centred. These are fantastic. Here is a 1:1 print of the mounting holes at the end of one on the linear rails. The holes are M4.

And looking through the centre punch:

It's easy to see how accurately the holes can be positioned when using a tool like this. The one I use is from Dankroy Ltd.

Here is the base made up with a piece of MDF used for the moving bed. Once I'm happy with the layout I'm going to drill some 15mm aluminium plate for the bed itself.

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