Saturday, 8 March 2014

Ivor Biggun

Now I've acquired an A0 printer, I've been able to start on my CNC router. It's a moving bed design as I believe this kind is better suited to milling metals. It's a bit big at around 1500mm x 600mm and I need to drill some accurately positioned holes.

So I've printed a 1:1 scale diagram of the SBR20 linear rails and the machine bed so I can start drilling some holes.

I got several different kinds of paper when I got the printer. I'm using HP Vellum paper for the engineering prints as this is a dimensionally stable paper which is translucent. This will allow me to overlay it onto the parts I wish to drill and align the outline of the part with the real thing.

Here is the print for the linear rails:

The holes each have a cross-hair which I will use in conjunction with my optical centre punch to get precise hole positioning.

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