Sunday, 23 January 2011

Finishing the sensors

Today I drilled my sensor PCBs. There were only two hole sizes, 0.8mm for the TSOP IR detectors and cable holes and 0.6mm for vias.

I use high speed tungsten drill bits with this 10000rpm PCB drill I blagged in a broken state from my previous employer:

I just populated two boards, which is sufficient to complete one gun. Here are the boards, one enclosed in a transparent sensor dome:

The next step is to mount these on a headband and connect them to the gun.


John said...

Hi Tony, do you have the design from the PCB sensor available? I try to make the sensor also. I saw your beautiful design, so i'm curious if you want to share it with me.

Thank you in advance.


Tony said...

I'd like to publish the sensor PCB but I am using a surface mount LED that I got a job lot of that is no longer available. This means that even if you got the PCB, you would not be able to get all the parts.