Monday, 31 December 2012

Happy Holiday

I've been changing between PLA and ABS plastics over the Christmas holidays. Every time I flush the extruder from one plastic to another I seem to encounter blockages and general problems, which result at least in me having to dismantle the extruder.
Left to a single plastic, they seem fine. So I've decided to have multiple extruders, one for each plastic type.

So over the holidays, I made myself a new 0.4mm extruder hot end:


nop head said...

Odd, I used to just flush at the higher of the two temperatures and all was fine.

It does take a lot of ABS to flush PLA.

What I would try nowadays is to remove the old filament at 80C for PLA and 150 for ABS. That way it all comes out and leaves an empty barrel so new filament is minimally contaminated.

Tony said...

I remember you mentioning this. Maybe I need to try again. I am fortunate to have two extruders though, and it takes less time to swap them on my machine than waiting for them to heat up so I can remove the old filament.