Sunday, 23 December 2012

Mendel 90 full kit stages 2 and 3

See Nophead's post here for full kit details.

With all the build up to Xmas I managed to sneak in enough time to complete stages 2 and 3 of the Mendel90 kit today with help from son Josh.

Stage 2 is quite trivial and involves bolting a fan to the side of the frame. The fan I had on hand needed some different bolts which I conveniently had lying around:

The X Idler assembly was quick to assemble and took about half an hour


nop head said...

Hi Tony,
The fan normally goes on the inside with the guard flush with the frame. Is yours too deep for that?

Tony said...

It is quite deep. I'll have to see if I can move it, or get a thinner one.

nop head said...

I don't think it will matter being on the outside. Just looks neater inside.

Tony said...

There is plenty of room for it. Gonna move it.