Wednesday, 12 December 2012


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I've been ask to design several custom IR focusing tubes for lasertag systems.

The first was for a short focal length, wide beam unit for use against vehicles. Laser-like focus is not good in this scenario as it would require a large target like a vehicle being covered in sensors.

I obtained 3 lenses in the 40-60mm focal length range and did some tests at visible wavelengths. This suggested that all 3 would suffice, but the customer agreed to take all three and decide for himself which was best.
I had to supply two focussing tubes as one of the lenses was 1.6mm greater diameter than the type I normally use:

I was also asked to design a picatinny rail mount for an IR focussing tube. This involved the design of some clamps to centre the tube on the rail. Here it is fitted somewhat impractically to the sight rail of an Airsoft gun:

And here in a more realistic position:

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