Friday, 5 July 2013

Modified UMT as a Milestag Domination Tube

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Steve (Scorpy) at Ochil Explorers asked me if it was possible to create a Milestag Domination Tube that had displays to count red and blue team hits.
It occurred to me that this could be achieved by utilising one of my UMT boards, and writing custom software. And as the UMT board also has audio support, I suggested adding some sounds as well.

I did a special version of my UMT code to drive two 20mm white displays from Sparkfun, and designed and 3D printed a fascia to allow me to mount the displays, the UMT board and key switch. This had to fit into a 200mm x 80mm area as specified by Steve.
I modified the design of the IR sensor holder that I made for my domination tube so that it could be fitted into the tube Steve wanted to use,and used Audacity to record myself saying key phrases, then reduced the pitch and filtered with a phaser to make me sound less of a Lancashire lad.
Here is a video I did for Steve showing the unit:
Steve suggested I replace the team possession audio with a simple siren sound which would be more noticeable at the Gala type events he is planning to use it at.
And here is the finished unit after Steve boxed it up:


Darryl Baker said...

Is it possible to commission another one of these for us to purchase?

Tony said...

Yes. Please contact me via website.