Saturday, 3 August 2013

New Project: Milestag sniper rifle

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Ok, Missus is working nights. Two kids need entertaining during the day. Two solutions: XBox360 Lasertag
Here is my youngest in the garden tree taking at 20m shot:

The great thing about having loads of lasertag gear is that it reduces the cost of 8yo+ birthday parties to DIY. However, My oldest wants to be a sniper this year. So not to disappoint I've decided to make a one off.
This will be a wooden body based upon my old BSA Meteor air rifle:

0.22 calibre. A bit worn now after 34 years but I traced its outline and did a cut out:

The stock wood I was using was not wide enough to incorporate the butt. So I drilled a few holes so I could dowel in another piece:

I then used these dowel centres to allow me to drill holes to match those I'd drilled in the main part:

I then added the remaining butt section by gluing with 8mm dowels and clamping:

I traced the remaining butt of my air rifle onto this additional section:

And used a jigsaw to cut out:

I've ordered a LS2020 IR laser diode to give a several hundred metre range to this. My neighbour has access to a bobbin sander and will give it a working over next week. To be continued....

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