Saturday, 10 August 2013

Manchester Museum Mini Maker Faire

Took the kids to the Manchester Museum of Science and Industry Mini Maker Faire today. The second event of its kind. Nowhere near the scale of its USA counterparts, but a great day out.
I just took loads of photos, so here they are:

This guy had a mobile farriers:

But most of the exhibits were in the 1830s warehouse:

Nophead doing the stand, even though he wasn't supposed to be....

Hebden Bridge hackerspace...all the way from darkest Yorkshire.

Mary and my youngest.......Matthew seemed to have developed a robot obsession.

This guy had some cool POV clocks. I need to make one of these. Also had the pleasure of listening to him explaining basic electronics to nophead. To be fair he was taking the standard line of 'I'm assuming you know nothing about electronics'.

This stand was a commercial company that tests high voltage power distributions lines..they'd brought a Van de Graaff generator along. Ironically they had to move this as it was interfering with the POV clocks next door.

The guys from the Kickstarter campaign Picade had some playable prototypes. These were great and entertained the kids whilst I had a look around.

Alex on the Manchester Hackerspace HackMan stand. I've been a few times to Hackman and have really enjoyed it. Check them out here.

Making potato guns..

And testing them:

More spud gun testing:

The guys from London hackerspace, as featured on Hackaday, had brought their simulator along..wasn't able to check it out due to age restrictions :o{ (not me..the kids)

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