Sunday, 25 August 2013

Second Sight

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After designing a windage/elevation moubnt for the LS2020 laser diode, I realised that there would be too great a moment if the laser was twisted. So I redesigned the entire thing and came up with this:

It has an arm which rotates around an M4 screw. This is held in position by a long M4 bolt which engages in a 'V' indentation in the outer circumference of the arm. This screw acts as a worm drive and allows accurate positioning for the elevation.
The windage adjustment mounts on the arm, and uses a pair of hinged plates. These are moved together/apart by an M3 screw threaded into a brass bar embedded in the lower plate. This has some rotation as the angle of the M3 screw changes as adjustments are made.

Here it is in the real world, the LS2020 module is just visible.

The elevation adjustment screw can be seen in the centre of the plate with six screws:

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