Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Dome Mounts Finalised

In previous posts I've shown how I used velcro to fasten the Milestag sensor domes to baseball caps. I originally started sewing these in place, but my wife saw what a mess I was making and did it properly for me.

The problem is that as I print more Milestag guns she hasn't got the time to sew all these velcro patches in place, so I had to look for an alternative method.

Initially I tried fabric glue. At first this seemed promising but failed completely when the caps got wet. I decided to try snap fasteners. These are frequently used on boat and convertible car canopies, and can be held in pace with with rivets or screws.

I designed a new RepRap'ed dome mount with placements for two fasteners held in place with short self tapping screws:

I used two fasteners to prevent the domes from rotating. Here it is with the sensor PCB in place:

This is a much faster way of attaching the domes. No sewing or waiting for glue to dry. It takes about 3 minutes to punch a hole and rivet the stud to the cap.

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William said...

I have got to say tony your blog is amazing as a bit of a techie geek myself im justed started trying to make a vacuum robot. I bought a dead one from ebay and have slowly taking all the self tapping screws out so i can get to the damaged parts. Im hoping to modify it so it can do steam cleaning on my rug aswell. though this is just a pipe dream at the moment. i just have to get it working first. keep up the good work. WILL