Friday, 1 July 2011

Paint it Black

Last night I printed the final part for my RepRap'd Milestag gun. It's the end piece for the muzzle designed to look like a flash suppressor. Inside it is a rod of PLA printed for me by Nophead. This has a high brightness LED fitted inside to diffuse the light along the length of the rod.

In this picture you can see the muzzle end with the PLA rod on the left:

Over the last few days I've been painting the ABS body and installing the Milestag electronics. I've found the best way to paint ABS is wipe it with a lint free cloth with MGR. I had this left over from my high pressure water gun project and it cleans ABS and PVC equally well.

I then sprayed it with matt black paint I got from a local car spares shop. It looks pretty good now it is all together:

Here you can see the LCD panel, speaker holes and battery cover:

And a close up of the flash suppressor with the LED diffuser fitted:

I now need to build the head IR sensors then it's done.

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