Saturday, 2 July 2011

Dome Sweet Dome

Today I completed the IR sensor dome for my ReRap'ed Milestag gun. The standard Milestag domes are supplied with base and dome sections.

The method of joining the base to the dome is undocumented, but most seem to end up gluing them together. I don't like gluing several GBP worth of electronics into an inaccessible housing, so I printed myself a new base for the dome. This has a mounting pillar to fit the homemade Milestag sensor PCBs that I designed. It also has 3 screws to fasten the dome to the base so I can disassemble the sensor when required.

Here is a picture of the sensor PCB and the dome base/fastener washer that I printed:

Here is the sensor PCB fitted to the dome base:

The dome base has three holes for #2 x 6.4mm self tap screws. These fasten the acrylic dome to the ABS base:

Here is the fully assembled unit. Note the two self tap screws on the LHS/RHS of the dome:

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