Monday, 4 July 2011


This weekend I printed a Picatinny rail sight mount for my Reprap'd Milestag gun. It came out very well thanks to the engineering drawings on Wikipedia.

Here it is hot off the printer:

Again I cleaned the ABS with MGR before spraying. When I printed the gun main body, I placed four holes to align with the holes in the rail mounting plate, but the holes are covered by about 3 layers of ABS. This allows me to have an unblemished gun body if I decide not to fit this rail.

To fit it, I simply align the plate and screw #4 self tap screws through the plate into the gun body, they pierce the first 3 'blanking' layers then engage in the holes.

Here is the rail fitted to the gun with a red dot optical sight:


nophead said...

What happened to the idea of painting it orange so that you don't get taken out by a SWAT team?

gah said...

I have to decide what is better, spoiling the aesthetics or getting shot!