Friday, 8 July 2011

Angle of attack

This week I've been printing the Mk3 version of my RepRap'd Milestag gun. This version is only aesthetically different from the Mk2 in that it has a tapered barrel mount with dummy barrel cooling:

The RepRap challenge here is the tapered section. I need to print this part:

There are 3 ways I can do this:

1. Vertically

The problem here is that there are several sections that are orthogonal to the Z axis. The only way to print these is to have either support material or 45 degree angles leading up to them. Both are wasteful and time consuming.

2. Support material

I could chose to print the part with support material. This will of course take longer and use more ABS filament.

3. Rotate the part

I decided the best way to print this was to rotate the part so that the largest surface was parallel to the bed.

I had concerns that the edges or the faces orthogonal to the barrel axis might not mate very well. I was not disappointed:

Here you can see how well the faces that were angled to the bed match up:

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